Why are you so distant from me?

What have I done to make you mad?

Why can’t I hear you?



I am sorry I know that I have sinned.

I have been foolish in my life,

I have moved from you.



You never leave me.

Never fall away.

Never turn your back on me.



I have been foolish.

Strayed away from you

I have never talked with you.


Always going my own way

Following my own path ways,

Never seeking your will.



You are always with me

Watching me make a fool of myself,

Never enforcing your will on my life;

Always ready to catch me when I fall.



You are the rock that I cling to.

My footing when things go wrong;

My strength in all things.



I am sorry!

Except my apology;

Give me your forgiveness.

Thank you Lord.



I can hear you talk with me.

I am listening; let me do your will.

Let me walk your ways once more.




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