Serious Business.

God You are serious business.

You know what we are
about, you don’t mess with us,

and we shouldn’t mess
with you.


You stand for what is right,

you don’t take any crap.

you stand up for yourself.


You have power,

power over all things.

No one gets in your way,

Sooner or later they have to meet you.


You who can send storm clouds,

tornadoes and hurricanes.

You make them all,

at your command they are dust.


You can shout at the sea,

and make it do your bidding,

make it stop and dry up at your voice.

You can wipe the map clean.


Yet you recognize and welcome,

any one looking for help.

You don’t care what kind
of trouble their in,

how desperate they feel.

You are a good hiding place,

in tough times.


You are my God,

who I can turn to in need.

Come to with a troubled heart.

talk with softly and quietly,

Laugh and cry together.

You are my God,


A God that means serious business.




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