Father God, you brought the universe in to being,

You made each star and planet with you own hands.

Each one placed within your divine design.

Your glory is shown in your wonderful works.

And your power is displayed in their movement.

All creation sings your praises.


Lord Jesus, you have brought us humility and forgiveness.

You showed us your mysterious wisdom and illuminating light.

You poured out your life on a cross for us so that we could

By your death and resurrection we are healed and forgiven,

Put right with God the Father.

All the earth sings you praises.


Holy Spirit, you have brought us strength and power.

You transform and renew us then guide us in holy ways.

You call us to faith and give us gifts for your work.

When we follow your ways and put our trust in you,

We see and receive your fruits.

All the heavens sing your praises.


Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we sing your praises.


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3 thoughts on “Trinity.

  1. I just discovered your blog. I’ll add it to my blogroll so that I can check back often. Feel free to add me as well.


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