Your Cross.

Lord, as I sit within the shadow of your cross,

I look up and think about the life that you gave for me.

The pain and the sorrow that you felt as you hung there.

Your life taken from you in such a cruel way but;

All this was your master plan, all to set me free so I might


Lord, as I sit in within the shadow of your cross,

I now see an empty cross, you are not there.

There is no pain and sufferings on this cross,

all the sorrow has gone and the cruelness is over.

For you have come down off this cross and live within me.


Lord your cross is now a sign pointing to you.

I know this because I can see you moving within my life.

Feel your love and know that I belong to you.

You are helping me to know more of your ways,

Teaching me to listen to your will and to speak of you in my


Lord I thank you for your cross,

I only hope that I have the strength to take up my cross to follow

Day by day this is my prayer as I look to your cross.

May I learn to know you deeper as I look at your cross?

And to remember the price you paid for me.



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