The Blind Beggars Psalm

My life was lost in darkness.

Blind from birth and called a sinner.

Driven to be a beggar and fit for nothing;

To sit and wait for what crumbs came my way.

Not even allowed to enter in to your presence,

Your holy temple your dwelling place.


Then you came and saw me,

Stopped by my side and looked at me.

Looked in to my heart and saw me,

Not a sinner or a beggar just a lost soul.

You looked and saw what God can do.

You saw the sunshine in my heart.


You saw the light in my darkness

The coolness on my eyes was all I felt.

Your life changing coolness placed on my eyes.

Then you sent me, sent me to wash my eyes,

In the pool of Siloam, the pool of sent.

I washed and my eyes were opened.


My eyes were opened and your light came in.

My darkness was gone and a new day began.

For you are the world’s light.

You opened my eyes, my heart and soul.

Your sunshine came in to my life.


Lord Jesus light of the world,

Thank you for stepping in to my darkness.

You looked and saw what God can do.

May I who knows darkness and light,

Be energetically at work for you,

While the sun shines and there is work to be done.

May I tell of the one who showed me light.



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