I remember you My Creator?

I am like a child before you Lord.

I dream and play in your presence.

Rest in your glory and swim

In your love flowing rivers.

I listen to your words which are

Like sweet love songs to my ears.

I dance and sing in your holy place.

Run through your pastures of peace,

And eat at your heavenly feast.


Lord may I never forget you!

May troublesome days never come to me?

And may I always have pleasure in you.

Let not the sun and the moon darken

And the clouds turn to rain.

Don’t let your rivers dry up,

And your pastures turn to dust,

Or your holy temple fall.

May your table never be empty?


I remember you My Creator?

May I know my place and fear you.

And may I keep your commandments

All of my life, for this is my duty.

May nothing be hidden from you?

For you are My Creator God,

Teacher of all knowledge.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

For all this is in your command so let it be.



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