What is going on in my life GOD!

What is going on in my life GOD!

I never seem to be able to get my act together.

I always let you down again and again!


I am sorry LORD, You can tell can’t you?

I’m sorry for the things that I have done wrong.

If I were you I would finish me off and be done.


I know what I did wrong.

But things look better sometimes.

I know it was me that moved, not you.


It was me who ran away from you.

And I got myself in a new mess again.

I should have listened to you I know that now.


You are the one who has taken me out of the womb.

Kept me safe and gave new life, hope and trust.

You know my innermost thoughts, you know best


My heart is open to you, forgive me LORD.

Let me come close and whisper your name.

Look in to my heart and know I am sorry.


Forgive me Lord and help me know your ways.

I am blessed and happy for I feel your love and forgiveness.

Help me never to let you down again, help me to do your will.



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