Give Me Faith!

O LORD GOD please give me faith!

Give me faith like Noah who built a ship

In a dry land and trusted you.

Give me faith like Abraham who said yes

To your call to travel to unknown places.

Give me faith like barren Sarah who became

Pregnant when she was a very old woman.


LORD to have faith like these people is all that I ask.

Help me believe in your guiding words.

Not to have any fear of the unknown.

Banish the “what ifs” in my life.

May I put my trust in you for the imposable LORD?

May I faithfully follow you and your ways?

Help me to look and wait for your calling LORD.



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3 thoughts on “Give Me Faith!

  1. Why not wait for GOD isn’t that what advent is about? Which we are in?? Waiting for the coming LORD JESUS to come is the meaning of advent! Also it is good to wait for GOD to talk to us after all we always seem to do all the talking and asking. It is good just to sit and wait for a reply sometimes. It is only polite to do so.
    Waiting for GOD is a good thing if you believe in him which I do.
    However you are also right as the old story goes.
    There was a man how fell of a cliff and the rescuers came to help him and sent down a rope and he sent them away say God will help me!
    Soon after he died and was in haven with God and said to GOD why didn’t you come and help me?
    GOD replied I did I sent the help in the form of the rescuers all you had to do is trust them and let go of the cliff and grab the rope, you had to help yourself.
    God Bless you Seneca.
    May you learn to wait on GOD.

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