Build on the ROCK!

O mighty GOD, you are the rock that I build my life upon.

May I never be tempted to build my life upon sand!

Help me to remember your words as I hear them.

To build my life around you is all that I ask.


May I never fall in to the traps of the world around me!

For the world categorizes me; by my education,

Employment, economic status and race!

This is wrong and not your way LORD.


For your world divides me into two groups!

The wise and the foolish!

For wise people hear and follow your words.

And the foolish also hear you words; but do nothing.


The foolish build their life around the world and not you.

Their lives are like soft sand which can fall at any time.

There is no strength in what they do, their houses will fall.

The foolish will have nothing left.


The wise build their life around you and your ways.

Their lives are strong and can never fall.

You are the strength in all that they do, their houses will stand forever.

The wise will reap great rewards from you.


FATHER GOD may I never be fooled by the world.

Help me to hear your words and to learn your ways.

Obeying and applying your word is the ultimate protection.

May the rock that I build my life upon be you LORD?



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