O LORD my GOD, I am your servant.

Sometimes I lack wisdom and experience,

I don’t know how to begin or finish.

Sometimes I feel just like a young child, just starting out in life.

I’m your servant; and you give me some amazing assignments.

Sometimes they feel humanly impossible LORD.


Sometimes I don’t know how I keep things together and stay on top.

All I can do is to give them all to you LORD.

I have to keep my eyes firmly fixed on you; or I would be crushed by the load.

Help me with my inadequacies LORD.

Give me an understanding mind and wisdom to know the right way.

May I have discernment to know good from bad.


LORD I know you will never let me fall down.

Never let me from your sight.

Even when I sometimes feel lost I know you are with me.

You will never let the world crush in on me.

GOD, I need wisdom and strength to do your work.

Please give me what I need LORD GOD this is all I ask.



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