Confidence in you LORD!

I have confident courage in you LORD.

You are always there for me,

waiting by my side to call your name.

You have promised this to me and I believe you.

I have faith that you walk by my side wherever I go.

Hopefully I conduct myself with respect for you,

and that our relationship is good.

I hope that I walk in faith not by sight in our relationship.

Whether I am at home or abroad,

I know you are there and will be looking after me.


When I stray away from you and do wrong

you always know LORD, you know straight away.

Nothing can be hidden from you LORD;

nothing can be push under the covers with you.

I would’t have it any other way.

For all must appear before you in the end.

All must come before your judgement seat LORD.

So that each may receive their pay for what they have done.

Good or bad we will get what is coming to us in the end.

There is no getting out of this one; I know that!


So, LORD may I always be aware of you by my side.

Help me to never forget that you know all things.

That you know better than me in the scheme of things.

Give me the respect to listen to your counsel and then believe in it.

May I have trust in your loving relationship with me?

Help me LORD to be a person plainly recognized as a follower of you.

Father I commit my life to you once again.

help me to build a better relationship with you.

May I give you occasion to be proud of me LORD.



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