Search The Depths Of My Heart!

I come before your throne LORD GOD.

All my strength has gone from me.

I am weak and have nothing else to muster LORD.

I fall before your feet, collapse before your throne of grace.


HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, look into my heart search the depths of my heart.

Hear the song that I sing, the song of love in my heart.

HOLY SPIRIT, intercede for me I don’t know how to pray.

I am before your throne and I don’t know how to pray.


How long can I stay before your throne LORD, how long?

Until your Spirit comes and fills me; until your Spirit comes and makes his your own?

When the FATHERS will and the will of a child meet great things happen.

Your Spirit fills me and I am moved by your power.


My song is released and you hear the song of my heart

Deep groaning comes from within me; groaning from my heart.

HOLY SPIRIT you are interceding for me; praying with me.

I receive power and strength, your glory rests on my heart like a soft comforter.


Come let us sing praises of worship to our GOD!

Let us bow down before his throne and worship our LORD GOD!

Sing songs, the songs of our hearts that only the HOLY SPIRIT can make.

Let us sing before the throne of GOD and worship the KING!



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