Teach Me Your Ways.

You are the Divine Builder, Maker and Creator.

Incline your ear to me LORD, hear my call.

Come to me and teach me your ways.

Teach me your wonderful ways.

Come to me and bless me with your teaching LORD.


For everyone who hears your wonderful words

And learns your wonderful ways will be blessed.

But those who do not learn or act on your ways,

Are foolish and are like the foolish man who built his house on sand?

They will be washed away and lost for ever, never to be found.


Help me to live and build on the things that you want to do in my life,

So that when the rains of adversity fall I may remember your teaching,

And that I may stand fast in your redeeming love.

Remind me that the firm foundation of my faith is in you LORD.

Help me to be faithful to you as you are faithful to me.



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