A Masterpiece Made By GOD!

GOD! So rich are you in your mercies!

For you O GOD, have made us in your image.

Made us with your own hands;

Knitted us together in our mother’s womb.


You filled our lungs with our first breath.

Gave our minds the very first thoughts.

Set our hearts beating to your rhythm of life.

Made us alive when we were dead.


Each one of use is a masterpiece made by you.

For you are the great and mighty creator.

An artist slowly working in our lives.

You can give and take away all that we have.


You O GOD, cascade grace and kindness upon us!

In JESUS you showed us your wonderful and intense love!

Your saving grace was shown to us by you!

It was all you idea LORD, all your work, you made it happen!


Creator GOD, in an act of kindness you made us.

By your SON JESUS you have saved us.

By your SPIRIT you have empowered us.

All that we have to do is trust you then let you in to our lives.


Thank you LORD GOD,


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