A Covenant Prayer!

All that I have is yours totally and completely yours.

I follow your will not mine, anything for you.

You can put me anywhere in the world,

Aslong as I am with you I can endure anything.

If there is work for me, then may I do it with you?

If there is none, then may I use my time for you.

When ever I feel lost or saddened may I remember your love.

And when I am at peace may I always remember to thank you.

May your will always be done in my life.

If ever I am valued may I give you the praise?

If ever I am disregarded may I still put my faith and trust in you.

Wherever I may find fulfilment may it be with you;

And if I am found lacking, may I look too you’re fulfilling grace.

You give me all things in my life and you can take them all away,

By your hands my life may be governed.

I totally and completely offer everything to you.

All that I have in my life is yours, for you are the only one for me.

All that I am I give to service for you and your will.

For the only things I need I already have that is You!

I am yours to do with as you will, as you choose fit to use.

Almighty and wonderfully and blessed GOD, FATHER, SON

And HOLY SPIRIT, I give feely my life to you.

I will always follow you, always and for ever.

Let this be a covenant between you and me

My prayer is that it that will last to the end of time.

Let this covenant be made now between you and me

Here on earth and be fulfilled in heaven.


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3 thoughts on “A Covenant Prayer!

  1. I thank you for this prayer. I hope you will not mind if I use it as a prayer to close our Bible Study on James 3:13 – 4:12. God Bless you!

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