Like a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden!

Take my heart LORD, and make it new,

Like a beautiful and bountiful garden.

A place of peace and harmony;

Were there is always an invitation to relax.

A place to just sit and be free from all things.

Take time LORD to sit and rest in my heart.


Don’t ever let the weeds of anxiety and stress

Grow and take hold, or let me become overgrown with hate.

I fear that I will become lifeless and dry with out you.

And eventually my heart will just blow away to dust.

I will be nothing with out your help and love.

Please take care of my heart LORD.


With your unending grace in my heart LORD GOD,

I know that it will be like a watered garden.

With a gurgling spring that will never run dry.

I will use the old rubble of the past to build new things.

And you LORD can weed and care for it with your love.

May I experience a bumper crop of love to share with all that I meet.



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5 thoughts on “Like a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden!

  1. “Were there is always an invitation to relax”- come to think of it He IS the best spa relaxation therapy treatment…lol…and inexpensive! haha…thank you Jesus!


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