Be In My Head LORD!

CHRIST, be always in my head.

Let it be full of you wisdom and truth.

May my thinking always be something beautiful?

By your grace I want to have a mind like yours.

To be overwhelmed by you is all that I want.


May I never fall in to the traps of this worlds thinking.

For this world is always forgetting you.

Always putting you down and ridiculing you.

May I never let my mind fall in these thoughts?

Only you can destroy these arguments of the world.


LORD JESUS, transform and renew my mind today.

So that I may memorize your words;

And learn to think your thoughts each day.

CHRIST JESUS, take control of all that happens in my mind?

Let it be a pure and beautiful thing, an honour to you LORD!



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3 thoughts on “Be In My Head LORD!

  1. I like that the focus is on “change my mind”. That has been more and more my prayer lately. Keep my heart softened so that I may better do your will.


  2. We (or should say I) sometimes forget that it’s not just about the spirit.
    It’s about spirit, mind, and body. We must keep our minds free of the enemies teachings and doctrines, our spirit in tune with the Trinity through fellowship, and also our bodys should be ready for service if that’s Gods calling.
    I love this entry.

    Yours In Christ,

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