My precious JESUS!

My precious JESUS I wait for you.

Wait for you with all my strength.

With all my soul, I long for your embrace

I long for your words of love to touch my ear.


JESUS, lover of my soul I adore you.

You who shines like the sun with love and grace!

Rest with me awhile is all that I ask.

Satisfy my soul and give me rest and peace.


I will wait for you patiently with all my heart.

Patiently I wait praying and calling your name.

I remember your promise of love and peace.

Whispering your sweet name I call out to you.


My precious JESUS, hear my call!

I will wait for you!



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12 thoughts on “My precious JESUS!

  1. What beautiful poetry! Do you know anyone that can set them to music too?

    Beautiful-I am in awe of anyone who does what you do!

    Nice meeting you! Regards, Chris from Write and whine

  2. Cool…I like the concept of this blog. I found you from a post off of ChrisD’s blog. You really have a nice thing going on here, keep it up! And please check out my blog if you can.

    Take care.

  3. Hey Steve:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you visit again.

    I like your idea here: “new psalms.” Believe it or not, I was thinking along those lines for a title if I ever got a book of my poetry and songs published. You might be interested in checking out my “poetry” category at Kingdom Advancing. I do usually write by somewhat of a structure, and the poems that are on my blog aren’t quite as devotional in orientation like yours, but you might enjoy and get something out of them anyways.

    Kingdom Advancer
    Never Retreat. Always Advance. If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against?

  4. My mom used to always say that “good things come to those who wait.” How much more is this true when we wait upon God and His perfect timing!

    Blessings to you and your family,


  5. Hi all thanks for the visits sorry that I haven’t posted over the last few days I have had to move out of my study this week as I have had a new heating system fitted. this meant that my computer was sitting on the floor for the last week I hope to be back in full swing later today.

    Blessings and Peace.


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