Always Faithful!

Give me faith LORD to do your thing.

Never let me go and do my own thing.

I want us to be beautiful together.

Don’t ever let me go.


May I never be selfish and untrustworthy?

Help me to never be brutal and unjust.

Let me follow you example and follow in your foot steps.

Be always faithful to you.



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6 thoughts on “Always Faithful!

  1. That we each could be more like Christ with each passing day. Gods ways are wonderful past finding out, but each new revelation of him is precious. I always enjoy visiting your site.

  2. Just found your blog. This is wonderful stuff. I was very encouraged just reading some of your entries. Maybe put them to music? I’ll be reading.

  3. Delightful Steve! Reminds me of the Third Day song with the chorus lyrics:

    Please take from me my life
    When I don’t have the strength
    to give it away to You Jesus

    Blessings In Christ Bro

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