He Will Come!

GOD will come back again.

He’ll heal our hurts and put us right.

He’ll make us brand new and clean like fresh snow.

We will be alive and on our feet fit to face him.


The LORD will come and we will all know.

He’ll come and the darkness will be blown away.

The deserts will be like beautiful gardens.

The LORD will be like refreshing rain on the land.


May we remember your promises LORD?

And have the faith to believe them.

For you will come.

Our LORD GOD will come.



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8 thoughts on “He Will Come!

  1. I love stopping by here. Indeed God “will” come again. We get so busy in this life that too many of us lose sight of this very present fact; that Jesus return is at hand. I look forward to that as do all saints from every corner of the earth.

  2. I remember living in NY and going out when the snowstorm had just ended. It was so bright and white covered with snow I couldn’t see the ground!

    Shining for Jesus…


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