Falling In Your Arms Of Love!

Let me fall LORD! Let me fall.

I just want to be filled with your presence,

So that I can’t stand on my feet any more!


I want to fall before you; fall in to your arms of love.

Fall to my knees and let all my pain out.

To rest in your spirit; to rest in your presence.


I just want to weep and let it all out.

All my sorrow; all my joy, let it all out!

Pleasure and pain mingled as one.


There are moments were I just can’t keep it all in.

I need to let it all out; there are moments I need to be free.

So many pressures and demands; I have to let them out.


Please reach out your arms of love LORD,

Catch me as I fall and as I sink back

Give me rest, give me rest and peace LORD.


Soften my heart LORD,

Soften my heart LORD,

Embrace me in your arms of love and take my all.



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7 thoughts on “Falling In Your Arms Of Love!

  1. To love the Lord with all of our heart. Your words always lift up the lord Jesus and are an encouragement to all who worship him in spirit and in truth.
    Be blessed always.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I read that you come from Britain? I must say I do really love Britain. Maybe I will move there one day 🙂 What is the spiritual climate like where you live? Are there many Christians there? Have a blessed day,

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