Cleanse my heart

Almighty GOD, open my heart,

Rip it right open; lay it bare for all to see.

Cleanse my heart, scrub away my guilt.

Soak out my sins until I come out clean.


Make me clean; with a snow- white life.

LORD GOD, give me a fresh start, a new beginning.

With afresh wind in my sails and a new heading

Shape a Genesis from the chaos of my life.


It’s only you, who can cleanse my life,

It’s only you, who I have sinned against,

It’s you, who can re-create my heart and renew my spirit,

And it’s only you who can restore my joy.


Almighty God, re-create my heart,

And I will sing anthems of praise.

Tell all of your life giving ways.

Then trust in your unfailing love.



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