LORD, help me learn from my mistakes.

Let me to be honest with myself.

May I learn to put the past behind;

Then remember not to do it again.


I know that I will make mistakes,

I will stumble in many ways.

But I would be foolish to stumble

Over the same way over and over again.


Let me ponder the path of my feet.

Then all my ways will be sure.

May every choice that I make,

Be in the pursuit of you LORD.



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6 thoughts on “Mistakes!

  1. I Hope you are archiving these posts… figuratively, they are as Christly vitamins…sharpening nutrition for running the race He has set for me. Thanks as usual Bro.

    G-d Bless

  2. Steve,
    Oh to not make the same mistakes. I am thankful for a forgiving, but also a God of justice who does not let me get comfortable in my sin. I’m still learning from that many stumbles I still encounter.
    Great thoughts again my friend.

    God be with you,

  3. To learn from our mistakes and continue on. To not be discouraged by such but to grow into the likeness of Christ. Thanks for insightful reflections.
    Have a blessed day

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