Help me to be a peacemaker LORD!

I want to stand up for love and peace.

Let me tell all who I meet of your peace and love.

For your peace is so immense and free,

Free for all who call out to you.


Your peace can calm the hardest mind,

And give rest to any struggling heart.

Your love and peace is unconditional.

It has existed before we were born

And will exist after we have died.


LORD, help me to be a peacemaker.

For blessed are the peacemakers

Let me learn more of your peace,

More peace is all that I ask.

LORD, hear my prayer.



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2 thoughts on “Peacemaker

  1. That we all would strive to live peaceably with all; even with those who seemed determined to cause discord and strife. We love them with the love of Christ. Thanks for another awesome post.
    Be blessed always:

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