HOLY SPIRIT, please give me patience.

Patience, to wait upon your words.

To live expectantly for your coming,

And to deal with life troubles.


May I receive your supernatural patience.

So that I my do your work in this world.

Help me to have patience not to condemn those around me.

And patience to find your love in all that I meet.


Let me have the patience of a farmer,

Who plants his crop and waits patiently for it to grow.

Waiting as the seasons goes by.

Never giving up hope in his work, and you.


May I have patience to respond to things around me?

Those whom I meet in my daily walk with you.

Patience to endure circumstances beyond my control,

Patience to trust in promises of your gifts and fruits.


HOLY SPIRIT may my prayer be this,

Please bless me with your gifts,

And give me a crop of your fruit patience in my life.

So that I may show all that you are within me.

And then bless those with your supernatural patience.



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6 thoughts on “Patience.

  1. I agree with the sentiment but patience is one of those hard things–like a jagged rock to me.

    Iron sharpens iron so patience is like iron on my soul! Wish it weren’t so but it is.

    Thank you for your lovely verses-you have a great gift!

  2. Greetings. Thanks for another really good post. Patience is indeed something that we spend a lifetime learning and it truly does take the Holy Spirit working in our lives to bring us to such a place.
    Have a blessed day:

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