My Broken Heart.

LORD you heal my broken heart.

Please take care not to let my heart go.

To fall broken to the depths of despair.


You cradle my heart in your loving hands,

Envelop it with your healing love

And with a kiss you breathe new life in to it.


With an outpouring of your spirit of love,

You have made it like new again.

Then you place it within me once again.


You set me up as a new creation,

A Genesis completed, to begin again.

By my side you walk ready to catch my heart.


Never leave my side LORD!



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4 thoughts on “My Broken Heart.

  1. Hi all,
    Thanks for posting your comments love to see you all here. Maria no I am not Speaking out of a current reality, thank you for your concern.
    I wrote this after reading the words from Isaiah 62:1-3. Remembering that it is one of GOD’S gift to heal the broken hearted.

    Bless you all.


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