The Quest!

FATHER, listen to me; listen to my words and thoughts.

I cry out to you, I pray out loud in your name!

Prayers of sacrifice and praise are my offerings.

And I watch and wait for your word FATHER.


I wait for you to speak to my heart, like a sweet whisper.

You’re not a FATHER who plays games with me.

You give it to me straight from the hip no messing.

I am giving you my full attention, waiting for every new word.


I acknowledge that you’re in charge in my life.

And I know that everything comes from you; only you.

I will not stand in your way FATHER!

May I eagerly watch and seek your will each day.


Thank you FATHER, for choosing me to be a follower of you.

Please hear the prayers that I offer to you; hear my call.

Give me the grace I ask to hear your call in my life.

Then help me to have the humility to walk with you always.



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4 thoughts on “The Quest!

  1. Another great post with a sincere love for the Lord Jesus Christ. The title “The Quest” is very telling also as we strive to draw ever closer to the Lord and be in fellowship with him continually. Thanks for posting.
    Be blessed always:

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