Take Me To Your Mountain!

Take me to your mountain LORD!

Let me be wrapped in the presence of you.

I want to encounter you in a new and powerful way.

May your joy and peace flow through me?

And then let it eclipse any other experience I have ever had.


Take me to your mountain LORD!

And let me learn to be a better disciple of yours.

To receive instruction and guidance from you.

Help me to learn more of you and constant ways.

And LORD, as I descend may my face be radiated by your glory?



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5 thoughts on “Take Me To Your Mountain!

  1. Amen! Each of your posts tell of a sincere hunger for more of God and are always a blessing. I’m always blessed by the thoughts that you place into words.
    Have a blessed day in Christ:


  2. A mountain top experience with God is indeed beautiful, but as I read this I was struck by the thought that God is there in our valley experiences too. It just may be a little harder to “see” Him during these times.


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