I Am Seeking You Out LORD!

My soul yearns for you LORD,

In my sleeping I call out for you.

In my waking I watch and wait for your presence,

I long for your goodness and grace to fill me afresh.


My spirit cries out for your loving touch,

Your tender touch upon my life, my all!

To touch a little peace of heaven is all that I long for LORD!

If I could hold on to that I would have joy forever.


I am seeking you out LORD!

Seeking to find you in all that I do,

Seeking for you day and night,

I am earnestly seeking you LORD!


LORD, when I find you I will rest at your feet and sing songs,

Sweet love songs that tell of sacrifice and grace.

And may you, LORD, sing songs over me,

Then draw me close to you; I will rest in your peace.



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8 thoughts on “I Am Seeking You Out LORD!

  1. To be in the presence of the Lord continually. Such a great post and one that tells of the desire that all have that love him in all sincerety. Thanks much.
    Have a blessed day in Christ.


  2. Hi all,
    Thanks for the visits to my Blog, Tony in reply to your question I have never put anything to music as I don’t play an instrument at all I can sing though. However if any one would like to have a go feel free to.

    Keep the faith.


  3. is it not mazing
    he is under the roof with us; right where we are
    oh for the grace to know him more
    lovely poem
    thanks a lot

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