Just keep on reminding me LORD!

Sometimes I feel that I have gone from you,

Like I have turned and walked away.

But then I see your beauty in creation.

And I know you are around me working wonders,

Taking delight in each new spiders web and

Laughing with joy at each new budding flower.

Each made by your mighty hand with care and love.


So great is your faithfulness to carry on with a sinner like me

And so amazing is your love that you my king should die for me.

I am forgiven by your love, how it can be, how can it be.

So I put my trust in you my GOD!

And I trust that I am forgiven, set free by your amazing grace.

If I ever feel that I have gone from you LORD,

Remind me it is never ever going to be your fault LORD.


Just keep on reminding me LORD!




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5 thoughts on “Just keep on reminding me LORD!

  1. Greetings. This really had an impact on me. It’s amazing when we feel “beaten down” by the cares of the day to day. Then to get out into creation and see how it openly broadcasts that God is beyond awesome. His faithfulness is everlasting and salvation complete through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thanks Steve.
    have a blessed day always in Christ.


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