The Voice Of Peace

LORD of life and love, fill me afresh with your spirit,

Let me bask in you radiant grace light;

Feel your love flow over me like a flood of kisses.

Then let me hear your sweet quiet voice.

So that I may I feel your peace within me LORD!



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11 thoughts on “The Voice Of Peace

  1. OOPS sorry Helen well spotted it was a typo as you can now see it is supposed to be an ! not a ? this is a result of very tired eyes after a very long day/night at work.

    I am very sure LOL

    Thanks and Blessings.


  2. Hi all just a note to say that things have been very busy here work has taken off and there don’t seem to be any time for writing.
    thing will hopefully get better this week.

    Blessings and peace to all.


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