Only YOU!

All creation cries out to your glory.

Each thing has its part to play in your divine plan.

For only YOU created your world as a good and wonderful place.

Pleasing to your sight, a blessing to all.


Only YOU made birds that fly in the air and fish that swim in your vast seas.

Each with a purpose; brimming full of life and all to show your greatness

Only YOU command them to be fruitful and increase in number

Only YOU let the birds increase on the earth and fish fill the water in the seas.


YOU are the mighty GOD, who has done all these things,

Only YOU are the one who has made this beautiful bountiful earth.

Yet LORD, as I look at the vast wonders of your creation, I KNOW

Only YOU can look at me, and only YOU know me and only YOU died for me.



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4 thoughts on “Only YOU!

  1. greetings. Truly awesome reflections as God has created all that is. His ways are past finding out and yet the more that we learn, the more awesome he becomes. It makes me long, all the more, for the moment when we put on incorruption and will be with him forever.

    Have a blessed day in Christ.


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