Grace Rhythm.

LORD, let us move to the rhythm of your Grace,

And to be intimately open to you,

To recognise your spiritual call on our lives,

And to travel together in mutual respect.

Discerning the movements of your spirit together.

And to follow the leadership of your loving spirit.

LORD, help us learn from our mistakes.

Let us be honest with ourselves

May we learn to put the past behind us;

Then remember not to do it again

May we know that we will make mistakes?

But be humble when we stumble in your ways.

May we ponder the path of our feet?

But, give us the assurance of your way

So we are sure that every choice that we make,

Will be in the pursuit of you.




You are my hiding place!

You are my hiding place LORD,

My refuge, a strong hold in times of trouble.

I can rest in your loving arms and feel no fear.


Your overwhelming love surrounds me.

When the pressures of the world press in;

You fill me with peace and give me rest.


You gaze in to my very soul and see all that I am.

Nothing is hidden from you!

In my confession I am washed clean once more.


In my distress you calm and comfort me.

Forgiven and refreshed I am made new.

Ready to follow you, ready for the world!



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His Word!

LORD, Let your word fill me afresh.

Let me taste your sweet words,

For they are as sweet as honey on my lips.


Yes LORD, how I love to here your wonderful words.

May I never loose them from my life?

For your words make me wise and give me understanding.


Help me LORD, to meditate on your words every day.

To learn from your testimonies and teaching is all I ask.

Because hearing, receiving, loving and obeying it is the
only way.


Here my prayer LORD!



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Be In My Head LORD!

CHRIST, be always in my head.

Let it be full of you wisdom and truth.

May my thinking always be something beautiful?

By your grace I want to have a mind like yours.

To be overwhelmed by you is all that I want.


May I never fall in to the traps of this worlds thinking.

For this world is always forgetting you.

Always putting you down and ridiculing you.

May I never let my mind fall in these thoughts?

Only you can destroy these arguments of the world.


LORD JESUS, transform and renew my mind today.

So that I may memorize your words;

And learn to think your thoughts each day.

CHRIST JESUS, take control of all that happens in my mind?

Let it be a pure and beautiful thing, an honour to you LORD!



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Teach Me Your Ways.

You are the Divine Builder, Maker and Creator.

Incline your ear to me LORD, hear my call.

Come to me and teach me your ways.

Teach me your wonderful ways.

Come to me and bless me with your teaching LORD.


For everyone who hears your wonderful words

And learns your wonderful ways will be blessed.

But those who do not learn or act on your ways,

Are foolish and are like the foolish man who built his house on sand?

They will be washed away and lost for ever, never to be found.


Help me to live and build on the things that you want to do in my life,

So that when the rains of adversity fall I may remember your teaching,

And that I may stand fast in your redeeming love.

Remind me that the firm foundation of my faith is in you LORD.

Help me to be faithful to you as you are faithful to me.



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Build on the ROCK!

O mighty GOD, you are the rock that I build my life upon.

May I never be tempted to build my life upon sand!

Help me to remember your words as I hear them.

To build my life around you is all that I ask.


May I never fall in to the traps of the world around me!

For the world categorizes me; by my education,

Employment, economic status and race!

This is wrong and not your way LORD.


For your world divides me into two groups!

The wise and the foolish!

For wise people hear and follow your words.

And the foolish also hear you words; but do nothing.


The foolish build their life around the world and not you.

Their lives are like soft sand which can fall at any time.

There is no strength in what they do, their houses will fall.

The foolish will have nothing left.


The wise build their life around you and your ways.

Their lives are strong and can never fall.

You are the strength in all that they do, their houses will stand forever.

The wise will reap great rewards from you.


FATHER GOD may I never be fooled by the world.

Help me to hear your words and to learn your ways.

Obeying and applying your word is the ultimate protection.

May the rock that I build my life upon be you LORD?



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