White As snow

May I remember that my hands are your hands, and that my eyes are your eyes; they are yours and only yours.

May I remember that it is only through you that and your sacrificial blood that I am cleansed and made white as snow.

Only by Your Grace I am made clean.

Made clean as white as snow shining for you!

May my life be a like a light house shining for you, a beacon for all to see you though me.

May I point to others to the one that can wash as white as snow! White as snow; shining for you; only you.



2 thoughts on “White As snow

  1. Hello. Wow; it has been years since we last had contact. I’m happy that you are still out there, and, this post is a reminder of why I would always stop by. Blessings in Jesus name.

  2. Hi Timbob,
    Thanks for stopping by, sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time just that I felt that what I wrote wasn’t for sharing, don’t know why just possibly that I have been studying for a degree and find that when I do put pen to paper it is usually personal and for me and God to share a time of fellowship.
    Although If I do feel the need I come and put some things up but I go with the flow.

    Blessing and Peace


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