You and I

You and I,

Could follow the stars in the sky,

We could climb the highest mountain.

But all I want is to rest in your loving arms.


You and I,

Could talk about the things we have done,

And the times I have spent with you,

But all that I want is to thank you for the life I’ve had.


You and I,

Could spend eternity together Side by side,

Living the fullest of lives together,

But all I want is to thank you for the dreams that I’ve seen come true through you.


You and I,

That’s all there is,

You and I,

LORD Just You and I.



It’s all about you!

It’s not about me LORD, it’s all about you!

You are the one who has made me,

Sculpted me, molded made me in my mother’s womb.

Your wonderful and glorious plan,

Has been set out for me before I was conceived.

It’s only in your will that I am made,

Only in your will that I am free!

For in you all things are created

In heaven and here on earth.

Your powerful hand makes all.

And I LORD bow down to you,

And offer to you my all,

I lift my hands high to you as a sacrifice

I give you my heart, my mind and my life,

The very all that I am!

I surrender all to you.


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Build on the ROCK!

O mighty GOD, you are the rock that I build my life upon.

May I never be tempted to build my life upon sand!

Help me to remember your words as I hear them.

To build my life around you is all that I ask.


May I never fall in to the traps of the world around me!

For the world categorizes me; by my education,

Employment, economic status and race!

This is wrong and not your way LORD.


For your world divides me into two groups!

The wise and the foolish!

For wise people hear and follow your words.

And the foolish also hear you words; but do nothing.


The foolish build their life around the world and not you.

Their lives are like soft sand which can fall at any time.

There is no strength in what they do, their houses will fall.

The foolish will have nothing left.


The wise build their life around you and your ways.

Their lives are strong and can never fall.

You are the strength in all that they do, their houses will stand forever.

The wise will reap great rewards from you.


FATHER GOD may I never be fooled by the world.

Help me to hear your words and to learn your ways.

Obeying and applying your word is the ultimate protection.

May the rock that I build my life upon be you LORD?



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LORD, you are timeless.

Your time is changeless.

I am waiting for your time LORD;

The time you will come again.

The time when you will judge all,

The living and the dead will not be missed.


We will all know when it is your time LORD.

Your angels will sound your arrival.

There will be a mighty shout over all the earth.

You are in all time; you are time LORD GOD.

May I learn to wait for you in my time?

And look forward to a future with you.



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I eagerly wait for your coming LORD.

I give you all my desires LORD.

And I give you my life,

I offer them up to you as an offering LORD.


I put my trust in you GOD, I rely on you.

Please don’t ever let me down and put me to shame.

Don’t let any one get the upper hand on me.


Instruct me in your ways my LORD.

Help me to follow your truth and faithfulness.

Teach me of your salvation and new life.


I eagerly wait for your coming LORD.

All day and night I wait for you?

I wait for the day you will come again.


You will gaze over those who wait for you.

Those who worship you will be blessed.

They shall dwell in your house and be taught your ways.


LORD you will come again I know you will.

Let truth and honesty preserve me until then.

I wait for you and I expect you saving GOD.



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