Grace Rhythm.

LORD, let us move to the rhythm of your Grace,

And to be intimately open to you,

To recognise your spiritual call on our lives,

And to travel together in mutual respect.

Discerning the movements of your spirit together.

And to follow the leadership of your loving spirit.

LORD, help us learn from our mistakes.

Let us be honest with ourselves

May we learn to put the past behind us;

Then remember not to do it again

May we know that we will make mistakes?

But be humble when we stumble in your ways.

May we ponder the path of our feet?

But, give us the assurance of your way

So we are sure that every choice that we make,

Will be in the pursuit of you.




You and I

You and I,

Could follow the stars in the sky,

We could climb the highest mountain.

But all I want is to rest in your loving arms.


You and I,

Could talk about the things we have done,

And the times I have spent with you,

But all that I want is to thank you for the life I’ve had.


You and I,

Could spend eternity together Side by side,

Living the fullest of lives together,

But all I want is to thank you for the dreams that I’ve seen come true through you.


You and I,

That’s all there is,

You and I,

LORD Just You and I.



Help me  to have passion,

Passion  like yours,

Passion for the world around me,

Passion for those who are oppressed,

those in need, the lost, and the fearful.

May my passion be like yours.

Let your passion flow from me like a raging river of life.

Passion is all that I ask for lord, and all that I need.


Can I ?

Can I go from your SPIRIT LORD?

Can I rest without you?

For you are everywhere,

You are in my innermost thoughts.

The good and the bad.


LORD, you are no part time GOD,

You don’t let go, you never leave me,

And I can’t put you down like a book,

I can’t take or leave you as I please,

It’s all or nothing with you.


You make me feel so free when I am with you.

You assure me when I am down, you’re always there.

You are a 24-7 kind of GOD:

Some one who will always be there, 365 no matter what.

Thank you, Thank you for every thing.



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Knowing me, me knowing you!

You know me LORD!

You created me planned me in my mother’s womb.

I can’t hide from you.

Even to the end of the universe you are there.

Always there,

Always with me.


Yet LORD, you are not a pushy GOD.

You don’t barge in and take over,

You are a gentleman

Gentle in every way.


LORD, you stand at the door way to my life,

My heart and wait!

Wait for me to let you in.

All that I have to do is open the door

Open the door and let you in.

And gently you fill me, refresh me.

Make me new and all will be well.


LORD, help me open the door,

So that I may know you.

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Come sit with me awhile LORD,

Come sit with me awhile LORD,

Let me rest my head upon you.

Take away the raging storm that flows within me,

That it may calm my troubled mind.


Let me weep upon your shoulder LORD.

Tears of sorrow but mingled sweetly with joy.

Let the cleansing tears flow out,

They can only come from resting with you.


Then LORD, may you sing sweet lullabies

To comfort me and give me rest.

Fill me LORD; fill me with your peace.

And hold me; hold me in your loving arms.


Let me rest with you LORD,

Just for a little while, this is all that I need.

So come sit with me awhile LORD,

And let me rest my head upon you.



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