The shriven bell rings and I confess.


In Preparation for Shrove Tuesday.


The shriven bell rings and I confess.

Absolve me from my sins and Make me shriven.

Lord, as I move in to, lent let the confession of my heart be heard.

O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift.


Lord, you walked this earth as a man and made low for my sake.

For the sake of the of the world, you came.

By your death of the cross, I am forgiven.

You are risen, so I am shriven.


Clean me Lord and make me new,

Wash me bleach me as white as snow.

Clean me and make me shriven.

O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift.


I came with nothing with a blinded mind and you gave me light!

You rebuilt me and put me together with extensive energy.

The veil of the evil one was removed like scales from my Eyes!

Your Light shined in the darkness and set my heart ablaze.

For you, Lord, are Master of all and your light will overcome.

And not even the gates of hell will be able to keep you out.


O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift!

Absolve me from my sins and Make me shriven.


One Love!

The body of Love broken for you!
Drink at the table, one cup we share!
The blood shed in love for you.
Eat at the table, one loaf we share!
The body of love broken for all!

The body, the blood the sign that is true.
Love for all he shed his life.
This Jesus our saviour, given for you!
Come to the table!
Be renewed!

Come all who are broken, lost and forgotten.
Find love and forgiveness and a life renewed.
Share in the fellowship our love for each other!
Be made strong and new!

The body of love, broken for you!
The body of love broken now new!
New life for all, free and true!

The body of Jesus broken for you!
Drink and Eat and be made full!
Receive life anew!
Our saviour is true.


Grace Rhythm.

LORD, let us move to the rhythm of your Grace,

And to be intimately open to you,

To recognise your spiritual call on our lives,

And to travel together in mutual respect.

Discerning the movements of your spirit together.

And to follow the leadership of your loving spirit.

LORD, help us learn from our mistakes.

Let us be honest with ourselves

May we learn to put the past behind us;

Then remember not to do it again

May we know that we will make mistakes?

But be humble when we stumble in your ways.

May we ponder the path of our feet?

But, give us the assurance of your way

So we are sure that every choice that we make,

Will be in the pursuit of you.



White As snow

May I remember that my hands are your hands, and that my eyes are your eyes; they are yours and only yours.

May I remember that it is only through you that and your sacrificial blood that I am cleansed and made white as snow.

Only by Your Grace I am made clean.

Made clean as white as snow shining for you!

May my life be a like a light house shining for you, a beacon for all to see you though me.

May I point to others to the one that can wash as white as snow! White as snow; shining for you; only you.


You and I

You and I,

Could follow the stars in the sky,

We could climb the highest mountain.

But all I want is to rest in your loving arms.


You and I,

Could talk about the things we have done,

And the times I have spent with you,

But all that I want is to thank you for the life I’ve had.


You and I,

Could spend eternity together Side by side,

Living the fullest of lives together,

But all I want is to thank you for the dreams that I’ve seen come true through you.


You and I,

That’s all there is,

You and I,

LORD Just You and I.


One Day


If I could spend one day with you what would we do?

Maybe we could sit upon a mountian top

and make the morning sunbeams with our hands.

Or we could make the shapes with the clouds,

just keep people guessing!

We could float our time away without a care in the world,

Travelling wherever we please.

We could play hide and seek with the angels,

then try to catch their falling feathers as we make them laugh.

Together hand in hand we could walk through ruby red sky’s,

Or just sit and talk until the diamond stars come out,

We could make shooting stars fall and new constellations until dawn.

And then Together just you and me we could sleep until the morning song begins.

If I could spend one day with you what would we do?

I know it Would be fun!



Help me  to have passion,

Passion  like yours,

Passion for the world around me,

Passion for those who are oppressed,

those in need, the lost, and the fearful.

May my passion be like yours.

Let your passion flow from me like a raging river of life.

Passion is all that I ask for lord, and all that I need.