Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised.

Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised for you and for me.
Humbly he came to the cross so we could be free.
He could have had an army of angels for protection.
Instead he chooses humility and death.
Freely he gave his live for all.

Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised for you and for me.
In to the depths of hell, he went to brake the chains of sin.
To set us all free!
New life for all, his kingdom flung open for you and me!

What kind of love is this that the son of God should die for you and me!
God’s love!
God’s love for all.
Listen to his call!

Come all who are broken, lost and forgotten.
Find love and forgiveness and a life renewed.
Share in the fellowship our love for each other!
Be made strong and new!
I am Calling to you

He stands at the door waiting for you and me!
I have opened it!
Will you?


Be still and know

I often feel like I am running around like mad man

Trying to juggle the things that happen day by day.

Things running around in my head at a thousand miles an hour.


The wordpool of my mind says I can’t hold it all in

Faster, faster quicker, quicker things come in. They come and I don’t know what to do.

Stop the world I want to get off.


Plates are spinning life is swirling, whirling and turning, so fast all is a blur!

They are going to fall!

Fall to the floor and smash to the ground broken unable to be put back together.


Am I being pulled apart, broken and poured out spilled to the floor!

Lost and spilling through the cracks of life.

Never to be the same again.



Stop Bang Crash!




So I Stop what I am doing!

I Quit trying,

I Quit fretting,

I Quit panicking,

I Quit fussing,

I Quit resisting.

I am still . . .

And I know that you are God. .  .

I trust that You know what you’re doing with Me

And I am in awe or you. . .

I am Resting in your arms of love. . .

I am still and know that I am with God. . .

Can I ?

Can I go from your SPIRIT LORD?

Can I rest without you?

For you are everywhere,

You are in my innermost thoughts.

The good and the bad.


LORD, you are no part time GOD,

You don’t let go, you never leave me,

And I can’t put you down like a book,

I can’t take or leave you as I please,

It’s all or nothing with you.


You make me feel so free when I am with you.

You assure me when I am down, you’re always there.

You are a 24-7 kind of GOD:

Some one who will always be there, 365 no matter what.

Thank you, Thank you for every thing.



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I Am Seeking You Out LORD!

My soul yearns for you LORD,

In my sleeping I call out for you.

In my waking I watch and wait for your presence,

I long for your goodness and grace to fill me afresh.


My spirit cries out for your loving touch,

Your tender touch upon my life, my all!

To touch a little peace of heaven is all that I long for LORD!

If I could hold on to that I would have joy forever.


I am seeking you out LORD!

Seeking to find you in all that I do,

Seeking for you day and night,

I am earnestly seeking you LORD!


LORD, when I find you I will rest at your feet and sing songs,

Sweet love songs that tell of sacrifice and grace.

And may you, LORD, sing songs over me,

Then draw me close to you; I will rest in your peace.



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Take Me To Your Mountain!

Take me to your mountain LORD!

Let me be wrapped in the presence of you.

I want to encounter you in a new and powerful way.

May your joy and peace flow through me?

And then let it eclipse any other experience I have ever had.


Take me to your mountain LORD!

And let me learn to be a better disciple of yours.

To receive instruction and guidance from you.

Help me to learn more of you and constant ways.

And LORD, as I descend may my face be radiated by your glory?



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A Heart Of Worship!

LORD, give me a heart of worship.

Set my heart free to worship you LORD!

Free to enjoy your wonderful world of creation,

Let me relish the fruits of your grace and love.

May my heart rejoice in taking time to see you?


LORD, may my heart catch a glimpse of you.

To know what it means to enter your gates with thanksgiving,

And to enter your courts with praise!

May my heart have knowledge of you LORD?

Let your worship flow through me with out limit.


LORD, may my heart grasp the magnificent reality of you!

To learn how to be fully devoted to you and your ways.

For true worship flows without limit from the depths of our hearts.

Help me to take my experience of you in to my everyday life.

Fill my empty heart LORD, so that I may make a joyful noise to you.



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