Bread that sustains us,

Feeds us,

Gives us life.

Bread that brings us together,

Bread that reduces hunger,

Bread that assures us.


Living Bread,

Within the fellowship,

Within the community,

Within the world.

Living within us,

Trusting in us.

Living within me,

Trusting in me.


For your bread is true and genuine spiritual food,

Comes from the father a gift to the world.

Jesus the Living Bread that came down out of heaven,

The Bread that gives for the life of the world.


May we remember that we that we are your bread,

And we are your body,

Your hands,

Your feet,

We are your bread!


Whips of chords you carried that day!

Whips of chords you carried that day,
The sheep and cattle were all astray.
You came to your father’s house to pray,
And found madness, your people lost and astray.
The money changers and the priests all lost their way,
Turned your Father’s house into a marketplace!

Zeal for your house consumed you that day,
The Passover was near, there was no time to play.
So, you overturned the tables and drove them out of the way.
The coins poured on the floor, they accused you of affray.
The doves were driven out too, the selling all over that day.
And you said Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!

The shriven bell rings and I confess.


In Preparation for Shrove Tuesday.


The shriven bell rings and I confess.

Absolve me from my sins and Make me shriven.

Lord, as I move in to, lent let the confession of my heart be heard.

O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift.


Lord, you walked this earth as a man and made low for my sake.

For the sake of the of the world, you came.

By your death of the cross, I am forgiven.

You are risen, so I am shriven.


Clean me Lord and make me new,

Wash me bleach me as white as snow.

Clean me and make me shriven.

O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift.


I came with nothing with a blinded mind and you gave me light!

You rebuilt me and put me together with extensive energy.

The veil of the evil one was removed like scales from my Eyes!

Your Light shined in the darkness and set my heart ablaze.

For you, Lord, are Master of all and your light will overcome.

And not even the gates of hell will be able to keep you out.


O shrieve me, shrieve me, Lord!

For I know you will not give me short shrift!

Absolve me from my sins and Make me shriven.

Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised.

Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised for you and for me.
Humbly he came to the cross so we could be free.
He could have had an army of angels for protection.
Instead he chooses humility and death.
Freely he gave his live for all.

Down in grave he lay Broken and bruised for you and for me.
In to the depths of hell, he went to brake the chains of sin.
To set us all free!
New life for all, his kingdom flung open for you and me!

What kind of love is this that the son of God should die for you and me!
God’s love!
God’s love for all.
Listen to his call!

Come all who are broken, lost and forgotten.
Find love and forgiveness and a life renewed.
Share in the fellowship our love for each other!
Be made strong and new!
I am Calling to you

He stands at the door waiting for you and me!
I have opened it!
Will you?

Be still and know

I often feel like I am running around like mad man

Trying to juggle the things that happen day by day.

Things running around in my head at a thousand miles an hour.


The wordpool of my mind says I can’t hold it all in

Faster, faster quicker, quicker things come in. They come and I don’t know what to do.

Stop the world I want to get off.


Plates are spinning life is swirling, whirling and turning, so fast all is a blur!

They are going to fall!

Fall to the floor and smash to the ground broken unable to be put back together.


Am I being pulled apart, broken and poured out spilled to the floor!

Lost and spilling through the cracks of life.

Never to be the same again.



Stop Bang Crash!




So I Stop what I am doing!

I Quit trying,

I Quit fretting,

I Quit panicking,

I Quit fussing,

I Quit resisting.

I am still . . .

And I know that you are God. .  .

I trust that You know what you’re doing with Me

And I am in awe or you. . .

I am Resting in your arms of love. . .

I am still and know that I am with God. . .

Can I ?

Can I go from your SPIRIT LORD?

Can I rest without you?

For you are everywhere,

You are in my innermost thoughts.

The good and the bad.


LORD, you are no part time GOD,

You don’t let go, you never leave me,

And I can’t put you down like a book,

I can’t take or leave you as I please,

It’s all or nothing with you.


You make me feel so free when I am with you.

You assure me when I am down, you’re always there.

You are a 24-7 kind of GOD:

Some one who will always be there, 365 no matter what.

Thank you, Thank you for every thing.



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