Posted by: Steve | December 8, 2012

You and I

You and I,

Could follow the stars in the sky,

We could climb the highest mountain.

But all I want is to rest in your loving arms.


You and I,

Could talk about the things we have done,

And the times I have spent with you,

But all that I want is to thank you for the life I’ve had.


You and I,

Could spend eternity together Side by side,

Living the fullest of lives together,

But all I want is to thank you for the dreams that I’ve seen come true through you.


You and I,

That’s all there is,

You and I,

LORD Just You and I.


Posted by: Steve | July 21, 2010

One Day


If I could spend one day with you what would we do?

Maybe we could sit upon a mountian top

and make the morning sunbeams with our hands.

Or we could make the shapes with the clouds,

just keep people guessing!

We could float our time away without a care in the world,

Travelling wherever we please.

We could play hide and seek with the angels,

then try to catch their falling feathers as we make them laugh.

Together hand in hand we could walk through ruby red sky’s,

Or just sit and talk until the diamond stars come out,

We could make shooting stars fall and new constellations until dawn.

And then Together just you and me we could sleep until the morning song begins.

If I could spend one day with you what would we do?

I know it Would be fun!


Posted by: Steve | July 3, 2010


Help me  to have passion,

Passion  like yours,

Passion for the world around me,

Passion for those who are oppressed,

those in need, the lost, and the fearful.

May my passion be like yours.

Let your passion flow from me like a raging river of life.

Passion is all that I ask for lord, and all that I need.


Posted by: Steve | June 9, 2010


I don’t want to be a chameleon Christian!

Hiding in the partial sight of life

Hoping no one will recognize!

No one will question.

Wanting to blend in!

Trying not to be seen,

By putting up a facade,

Hoping no one will challenge!

I want to be a in your face Christian!

Wearing all the colours of your rainbow!

Wearing them with confidence!

Pointing and shouting out about you!

I want to be a courageous Christian!

Wearing your badge with pride!

Fully fledged with faith!

Ready to take on the world!

Bring it on.


Posted by: Steve | June 6, 2010

You’re around me now

Father you hold me up,

Hold me up when I fall down,

When I fall down, you hold me up,

You hold me up.

You calm me and hold me,

And your love surrounds me,

Your love surrounds me,

And I feel fine, so fine.

And you’re around me now,

So all around me now,

All the time,

All the time around me now,

And I feel fine so fine,

I feel fine all the time

You’re around me,

You’re love is around me now,

And I feel fine,

All the time,

So fine,

You’re around me.


Posted by: Steve | June 25, 2009


Faith can be hard sometimes,

Hard as rocks!

Rocks that you can build on,

Something to lay all your work on, a lasting foundation!

Faith can be hard so hard that you sometimes feel like giving it all up.

Letting go of all that you have done ending it all.



With out you by my side I would be lost!


Cast on the hard rocks of life

Overwhelmed by the waves of life!

Adrift and left to fall on hard faithless times!

But then you never said that it would be easy,

After all it wasn’t easy when you went to the cross,


Let me have faith,

A faith that you can build on

Faith is hard, I know,

So I pray for faith,

Help me build a lasting foundation!

Not one that will sink into the sea of life.

Thank you for being an awesome GOD!


Posted by: Steve | November 30, 2008

It’s all about you!

It’s not about me LORD, it’s all about you!

You are the one who has made me,

Sculpted me, molded made me in my mother’s womb.

Your wonderful and glorious plan,

Has been set out for me before I was conceived.

It’s only in your will that I am made,

Only in your will that I am free!

For in you all things are created

In heaven and here on earth.

Your powerful hand makes all.

And I LORD bow down to you,

And offer to you my all,

I lift my hands high to you as a sacrifice

I give you my heart, my mind and my life,

The very all that I am!

I surrender all to you.


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Posted by: Steve | June 7, 2008

I just can’t figure you out Lord,

Lord I have tried so hard to figure you out.

I keep on messing up falling away from you,

Running this way and that, running away from you!

Always getting into things that I should not!

And then there are the feelings of doubt and fear,

The never getting quite there with you!

My tears and songs of sorrow have been given to you so many

I pour out my soul to you so often that you must be mad.

But you keep on loving me!

You let your love wash over me,

Like waves and breakers on a sea shore,

Sometimes gentle or like a mighty storm.

You just blow me away and always wipe me clean.

You deep never ending love calls to me like a roar

Like a powerful water fall you swathe me in love.

And I think of all the things that you have done for me.

You bless me so much you are my God and rock.

My provider and lover of my soul!

Everything I have is from you.

My very bones are yours.

By day you give me love and by night you give me peace.

You are there for me always Lord.

I just can’t figure you out Lord,

But thank you.


Posted by: Steve | April 20, 2008


You are more than all that I can give,

You satisfy me with your love,

You give me everything and more,

You are more than enough for me.

Everything is not enough for you LORD

It’s not for me but all for you.

And LORD I freely give you everything.

More than words and gifts,

All for you, everything, all for you.


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Posted by: Steve | October 15, 2007

23 Degrees!

LORD! Your love is set at a perfect 23,

Such a small amount of a sum, perfectly set perfectly made.

This means everything for me.

For some it means nothing,

Nothing at all unless you look and wonder why 23.


For other like me it means everything.

For this worlds is set at a perfect 23 degrees,

Nothing more and nothing less.

One more degree and all would be lost!

No life no you and no me,


All because of you! And a prefect 23.

Thank you LORD, for your perfect 23 Degrees.

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